1. What is CompactLink24?

CompactLink24 is a website that allows users to collect multiple links under one link, for example on an Instagram profile. However, other services are also offered.

2. How does creating your own page on CompactLink24 work?

You can create your own page for free via the creation form. This can be changed at any time using the editor and the correct UID. After the page has been created, a confirmation will be sent to the specified email address. This confirmation contains a unique UID that must be kept safe as it is required to make changes to the page.

3. How can I change my page?

To change your page, you need your unique UID that was sent to you via email after creating the page. Go to the website and open the editor under "Link Pages", "Page Editor". Here you can edit, add, or remove your links, change the background, and all other data as well.

4. Can I delete my page?

Yes, you can delete your page. To do so, open the "Remove page" option in the page editor and confirm the deletion by providing your UID. Please note that this action cannot be undone.

5. What can I do if I have lost my UID?

If you have lost your UID, you can request an email with the UID to be sent to the registered email address by using the "Lost UID" option in the page editor.

6. Can I generate a new UID?

Yes, you can generate a new UID. Simply fill out the form on the website under the "Change UID" option in the page editor and provide your old UID.

7. Is there a limit to the number of links that I can place on my website?

No, there is no limit to the number of links you can place on your website. You can add as many links as you want to gather all your connections in one central location.

8. What is a short link generator on CompactLink24?

CL24 also offers the ability to create short links that redirect to other URLs. The main purpose is to shorten long and unreadable URLs. When creating, you can choose any ending as long as it is available and does not violate the applicable terms of use. If the corresponding field is left blank, CL24 will automatically generate a random three-digit ending.

9. Can I change the ending of my short link?

No, for security reasons, the same ending cannot be created twice. However, it is recommended to vary with uppercase and lowercase letters as the links are case-sensitive.

10. Can I get information to my short link?

Yes, information about any existing short link can be obtained by appending "+" to the URL (e.g. link.cl24.net/abc+). There, a QR code of the corresponding link and the number of clicks can also be found.

11. What is a Mailto-Link?

A "mailto link" is a special type of HTML link that allows a user to compose an email directly from the browser without manually entering the email address. When a user clicks on such a link, their email program opens by default with a new email addressed to the email address specified in the link. The user can then enter the subject and body of the email and send it without manually entering the email address. A typical mailto link looks like this: "mailto:example@domain.com". The "mailto:" part indicates that it is a mailto link, and "example@domain.com" is the email address to which the email should be sent.

12. What is a Pastebin-Service?

A pastebin service is a web application that allows users to store texts or snippets of code online and make them available to other users via a link. The name "pastebin" comes from the original purpose of the application, which was to paste texts that had previously been copied to the clipboard. However, the service is now used for a variety of purposes, such as sharing code snippets, publishing notes, or collaborating on texts.
A pastebin service allows users to enter, format, and save text. The saved texts are then given a unique link that the user can share with others.
Another advantage of pastebin services is that they often offer a limited storage time for the saved texts. This can prevent the texts from remaining permanently available on the internet and potentially containing sensitive data or information.
Overall, a pastebin service provides an easy way to share and store texts online.

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