Terms of service

Everyone who uses the CompactLink, Pastebin Shortlink and/or Chat service of CL24.net agrees to the following terms of use and in particular also to our privacy policy. Users who do not agree with the following terms or the privacy policy are prohibited from using our services.

Service description

The service I offer can be used free of charge to create link pages, short links, pastebins, mailto links and QR codes. Thereby there is no claim that the service works correctly and/or is reachable. While I always try to ensure that this is given, I do not guarantee or assume liability for it. If any damage occurs to a user by the use of the service or the software, likewise no liability is taken over for this.

Responsibility for short URLs

Everyone who creates a link page, short link or pastebin through my service is responsible for it. I have no influence on who uses the service for what purpose and therefore assume no liability for the short URLs created by users or their distribution.

Inadmissible use

The creation and distribution of short links that refer to websites with illegal or dubious content is prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to, phishing websites, websites with malware, websites with depictions of violence, websites with (right-wing) extremist content and other websites with prohibited texts, symbols, images or videos. Purposely misleading websites and websites that impair normal surfing behavior, as well as those with particularly aggressive advertising, may also not be linked through my service. This includes, in particular, pages that disseminate false information and pages that display unwanted dialogs to the user, prevent the user from leaving the website or automatically play audio or video elements that the user does not expect. I also consider websites that ask the user to enter personal data without clearly informing the user about the purpose for which the data is collected and used to be dubious. The same applies to websites that advertise opportunities for their visitors to allegedly earn a lot of money quickly (e.g. through the use of snowball systems, network marketing, crypto-currencies, etc.). This also applies to websites that deliberately abuse the business model or offer of another (online) service or violate its terms of use. Websites with particularly aggressive or dubious advertising as well as pure redirection websites with advertising content may not be linked via our service. Online casinos as well as other websites that offer or advertise gambling of any form may also not be linked via the short link service. The creation of short links that refer to one or more other short links (regardless of the provider) is also prohibited for security reasons. It is also prohibited to distribute short links or other links to this service in advertising, mass or spam mails. Hotlinking based on short URLs is also prohibited. This means that no short URLs to media objects such as images, videos or Flash files may be created with the aim of embedding the media directly in the source text of a web page (e.g. with a "<img>" tag and a short link in the "src" attribute) using the short links. (This does not apply to traditional links ("<a>") with a short link in the "href" attribute - in this case there is no hotlinking).

Tolerated use

The creation of short URLs to websites with erotic or pornographic content is tolerated, as long as it is legal content. However, we reserve the right to notify all users that it is a website with pornographic content before redirecting them. The creation of advertising or reflinks is also tolerated, provided that the target URL complies with the above rules. Short links to share-, file- and one-click-hoster-services are allowed, as long as they comply with the above rules and do not violate any copyrights.

The function for creating link pages, pastebins and chat rooms offers the possibility to enter your own data. The restrictions already mentioned above with regard to unauthorized or tolerated use apply. In particular, the entry of misleading, insulting, sexist, defamatory, (right-wing) extremist or illegal content is prohibited, as is the entry of advertising messages and false information. Personal or personal-related information may only be entered for one's own person or for a third person, insofar as the creator of the link page has received written consent to the creation and dissemination of the link page from the person concerned.


Compliance with these rules will be checked on a random basis or in the event of explicit user complaints. I reserve the right to delete created link pages, pastes and short links at any time and without prior notice, insofar as I have the impression that they violate applicable law and/or violate these Terms of Use. Unlike link pages, short links and pastebins, created QR codes are only temporarily cached and thus cannot be controlled. Mailto links are not stored.

I reserve the right to update these terms of use at any time. It should also be noted at this point that I am operating this service to the best of my ability for non-commercial interests. I do not plan to charge for the service.

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