CompactLink24 is a central place for all your links. With this platform, you can collect multiple links under one link, such as in your Instagram profile, to provide your followers with quick access to your online presence. However, it is also suitable for other purposes. The platform offers various tools, including a short link generator, a mailto link generator, a QR code generator, and a Pastebin service.

Link Pages

This feature allows users to create and share their own pages with multiple links.

This is especially useful for social media platforms like Instagram, where only a single link can be specified in the profile. By using link pages, users can share many links to their content or products without taking up space for multiple links. In addition, link pages can also be used for other purposes such as blog posts, product reviews or online marketing campaigns. Link pages can be created for free via a simple creation form and can be changed at any time via the editor. A confirmation email with a unique UID is sent to the email address provided to allow for later modification. The unique UID is essential for changing the page and should be kept carefully. Link pages also allow users to improve their online presence and drive more traffic to their website by sharing their links on various platforms such as forums, blogs or social media groups.


Cl24's Pastebin service allows users to publish any text or code to a website.

The service is especially useful for developers and programmers who want to quickly and easily share code samples without having to create a full website. The feature can also be used for notes, tutorials or other types of text. With CL24's Pastebin service, users can simply paste their text into the designated field and then click "Create" to generate a link to their published text file. The generated links can then be shared on websites, social media or emails. CL24's Pastebin service also offers the option to download the text as a .txt file. This is especially useful if the user wants to save their work locally or use it offline. CL24's Pastebin service is a simple and effective tool for anyone who wants to publish text or code online without having to create a full website. With the ability to customize the text and use different settings, CL24 offers a powerful solution for publishing texts online.

Short Link Generator

CL24's short link generator provides the ability to create short links that redirect to other URLs. The main purpose is to shorten long and unreadable URLs. When creating the short link, you can choose any extension provided it is available and does not violate the applicable terms of use. If the corresponding field is left empty, CL24 will automatically generate a random three-digit extension. For security reasons, the same extension cannot be created twice. However, it is recommended to vary the upper and lower case letters as the links respect this. CL24 also offers other domains through which short links can be generated. Information on each existing short link can be retrieved by appending "+" to the URL. There you will also find a QR code of the corresponding link and the number of views.


The chatrooms are 100% anonymous, which means that no personal information or login credentials are required to enter or use the chat. There is also no tracking of IP addresses or other data that could be traced back to the user.

The chatrooms can be deleted at any time, either by the person who created the chat or by any other participant in the chat. There is also the option to set a lifespan for the chat so that it is automatically deleted after a certain time.

The chat commands provide some additional features for users. For example, the "/help" command can be used to display a list of all available commands. The "/info" command provides information about the chat, such as the number of participants and the duration of the chat. The "/clear" command can be used to delete the chat, and the "/count" command provides a count of the messages sent by a specific user in the chat.

Overall, this service provides a simple and uncomplicated way for users to chat anonymously with each other without needing to register or disclose personal information. The chat commands provide some additional features, and the ability to delete the chat or set a lifespan offers additional control for the user.

Mailto Generator

The Mailto Generator from CL24 is a simple but effective tool that allows users to generate properly formatted mailto links.

These links allow users to open a pre-filled email with a simple click. Mailto link generator is especially useful for website owners who want to provide their users with a quick and easy way to contact them or provide feedback. With CL24's Mailto generator, users can customize the subject, recipient address and text of the email and generate a mailto link that can be inserted directly into their website or email communication. The mailto generator can help improve interaction with the target audience and optimize customer service. By using mailto links, users can easily increase email traffic on their website or in their email campaigns. CL24's Mailto Generator is an indispensable tool for anyone looking for a simple and effective way to engage with their target audience.

QR Code Generator

Finally, CL24 offers the ability to generate QR codes. You do not necessarily have to provide a link as pure text can also be stored in a QR code.

CompactLink24 is a great way for bloggers, social media influencers, and others managing their online presence to collect and manage various links in one place. It is easy to use and offers a variety of tools to enhance your online presence.

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